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Join the New Era of  Interactive Stories!

Have you ever wanted to change the ending of the movie you watched? Or would you make different choices as a protagonist of the story?

With the upcoming Choosera Android and iOS application, you can now change the storyline by your choices in various interactive video stories, created by the user community.​​


How about Creating an Interactive Video Story by Yourself? Creating and sharing interactive video stories with your mobile has never been easier, thanks to our fast and easy in-app story creation tool!


We welcome you to join the new era of interactive stories!

download link from the app store
download link from google play

Key Features

• Change the storyline and outcomes of interactive videos created by the Choosera user community!

• Find constantly new and exciting interactive video stories on all genres!

• Create and Share your own Interactive Videos to others with ease!

• Comment, like and discuss about interactive video experiences, different choices and outcomes with other users!

• Follow your friends and the most interesting interactive video creators inside the app!


App   Screenshots

Familiarize with some of the coolest features of the Choosera app!

*The screenshots may have differences to the final product
Choosera App_Main feed.png

Experience Interactive Video Stories of All Genres!

Discuss about Choices

and Outcomes with Others!

Create  Your Own Interactive Video Story Fast and Easily!

Follow Your Friends and Other Interesting Story Creators!


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